All you have is your soul………


The Cross Eyed Cats hail from Fremantle (mainly), Western Australia, and have been playing some bloody good blues for over 10 years (really? is it that long?) The Cap’n – Glenn Carpenter – stands front and centre with his guitar, voice, and a pedal board that includes a mezzanine floor for overdrives, delivering songs in a style reminiscent, some may say, of a bullfrog sippin’ whisky sour. Character? I should coco!

On the right hand of The Cap’n stands Sweetlips Fitzpatrick. Grinding, prowling and bending the draw, his affinity with his much travelled and world weary Fender Junior Blues is legendary. He challenges the capabilities of the harmonica with an ever-cheery demeanor and ¬†smoothly stylish shirts. Fearless in his pursuit of a good swell and a tasty suitcase, he may just be evolving into the digital age……

At the left elbow of The Cap’n is Da Pumpkin. The moniker’s genesis long since lost in the swirling mists of Cats folklore, he ties up the low end of town with a simple, straightforward, no frills approach, in the style of a latter day Wyatt Earp contemplating his options at the O.K. Corral. True to the code of all blues bass-men, he has yet to change his strings.

Lurking, nay — skulking — at the back of the band is the lean, mean rhythm machine, Sticky Sticks Cantrell. Forever on the quest for the ultimate kick drum sound, his recent foray into the realms of the 44 inch bass drum met with limited success. There are whispers on the street of a 44 gallon drum being wrangled in the back shed….. His impressively minimalist kit has an ambience of aged patina, and on some occasions, the complete ensemble will materialise at a gig together in the same location, on the same stage, at the same time…….

Steadfast in their unwavering commitment to having a Great Time and playing Bloody Good Blues, The Cross Eyed Cats set list includes about half of their own creation, about a third are creative interpretations of old blues standards and about one sixth (do the maths) are fair and square covers of tunes the boys love. Regrettably, you won’t be finding any KC and the Sunshine Band in their repertoire.

Do yourself a favour and check out the 2 CD’s the band have put together from some old egg cartons and sticky backed plastic, and give the Cap’n a call if you’re interested in having them play at your shindig – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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